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Stacking Rack— The Optimal Warehouse Storage

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  • image24 May 2021
Stacking Rack— The Optimal Warehouse Storage

Warehouses form a vital component of a supply chain. Its function is not just limited to storage, rather used for several functions. Warehouses come in different categories and with different storage options varying from floor storage to stacking rack. Warehouse storage is that vital component in the supply chain that looks after a balance between demand and supply.

Stack racks are a great investment for every warehouse and facility. They’re economical easy on the pocket, and help you maximize your workspace. Organizing your warehouse efficiently will help you keep your expenses in check.

There’s an approximately countless variety of items in the warehouse that need to be stocked, stored, shipped, and transported. For many of these, a standard post pallet is ideal, offering enough support, both in storage as well as in transit.

However, there is a huge range of goods that don’t fit appropriately on standard pallets or demands additional protection. In such cases, a stacking pallet or rack is a much better and feasible solution.

Wire mesh pallet cages are different from the standard pallets— they have four sides and a top, and are fully enclosed during storage and shipping. It gives clear visibility to see what’s kept inside while offering maximum safety and support.

What Are the Benefits to Using Stackable Racks and Pallets?

They’re the right choice for items that are complicated to stack well on a standard flat pallet, or for those items that need complete containment due to protection or safety demands.

Goods Are Fully Enclosed

During shipping, stackable wire mesh containers eliminates the chances of stacked items falling over and being damaged. This can be crucial for items that have a safety risk for workers if the items are mishandled during transit. Post pallets and cages keep goods and people safe.

Stack Pallets and Racks Are Extremely Durable

Pallet cages are available in numerous materials such as plastic and wood, but none of them are as robust and durable as steel. They resist devastating damage and loss from forklift mishaps. For fragile and sensitive materials that need additional protection and safety, stackable wire mesh containers and pallets are a clear choice.

Security is Superior

When products are shipped using an open pallet, they’re highly open to tampering and theft. Wire mesh stacking pallets offer supreme protection. It can be complemented with high-secure locks and other vital security features to keep items where they belong.

Maximize Space Without Needing Additional Racks

Stacking Rack

If you always face trouble in finding space for stocking goods in your warehouse, a stacking rack is a brilliant way to get some extra useful space. It lets you easily stack containers on top of each other while still quickly accessing the goods kept inside. With such space-saving storage solutions, you can make the most of your floor space. Adding a folding wire mesh container in your warehouse will help you keep up with the ever-changing inventory demands. When unused, you can simply fold and keep them aside to get extra floor space.

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