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Stillages: The Best Way of Handling & Storage Management in Automotive Industry

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  • image19 June 2018

The automotive industry is an industry where different kinds of goods and materials need to handle. These materials vary widely in their shapes, sizes, and weight. Hence, handling materials on this broad range become a problem.

To solve this issue top store like HL wires have come up with a brilliant solution by introducing these highly exclusive and classic containers. Stillages are perfect for the automotive industry. HML wires design special cages for the automotive industry.

These cages truly provide a classic solution for storage management and handling in the warehouse. Let us have a look:


In the automotive industry when not in use these cages can be collapsed and folded so as to save space. Hence, when in use these will provide classic storage management techniques and when not in use it will save space for the industry.

This is one of the finest things about these cages which is why their use in the automotive industry is highly recommended.

Durable & Long Lasting:

In the automotive industry, there are a lot of things to be looked after and taken care of. Hence, one really can’t afford to look after the maintenance of the storage containers. And so there comes long lasting properties with these metal stillages.

Once purchased these cages require almost zero maintenance. Hence, the work environment is tension free both for the owner and the worker.

Easy to Clean:

Many automotive components need to be regularly washed and oil for their efficient usage. The containers which do not provide ventilation produce problems in this reference.

Also, if cleaning of the cage is difficult the cleaning of the components will automatically become harder. And, so here come these exclusive wire stillages by HML wires that ease this cleaning process.

Hence, all the automotive components can be easily and effectively handed with these exclusive cages.

Easy Access to Goods & Products:

These cages also have a special half-hinged gate that allows easy access to goods and products anytime. Hence, not just storing and accommodating the products in the automotive industry but also accessing the components become easy.

Efficient for Abnormal Loads:

Automotive industry offers a lot of abnormal loads. An ideal storage solution is important for efficient use of abnormal loads. With stillage cages, abnormal loads can be easily and effectively handled.

Hence, each and every problem of the automotive storage has been provided with an exclusive solution by the use of these classic cages.


And most importantly it is very important that a storage solution is economic. Cost saving is very important for such kind of businesses. These storage cages provide an economical storage solution resulting in high-cost saving.

All these benefits and reasons prove that stillages indeed are a perfect solution for warehouse in the automotive industry. Hence, for your automobile industry as well do not waste a moment and get the bulk order of these cages from HML wires today.