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The Right Questions to Ask while Buying Pallet Cage

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  • image31 December 2019

While buying any kind of storage container or storage cage, it is important to ask the right kind of questions that help in making an appropriate purchase of the container. People usually ask common questions about the capacity, price and quality of the cage and then make the purchase. But by doing this they often miss out on some of the important details that end up making them do an improper purchase.

Hence, it is necessary for an individual to know the right questionnaire. This also helps the manufacturer to provide you with the perfect kind of cage or container. So, let us have a look at some important questions that you must ask your supplier about the cages in question.

Here is the questionnaire that will help you make the best purchase of the pallet cage:

Is the thickness of the wire gauge in the cage improper?

The thickness of the wire gauge determines the quality and durability of the container. To be more precise, the dimensions of the gauge with respect to the dimensions of the container should be proper.

Very thick gauge on a small container will result in increasing the container’s weight and will make its handling tough. Hence, with wire mesh pallet cages it is truly important that the thickness is neither too much nor too less.

Hence, do ask your supplier if the thickness of the wire gauge is proper. This will help you gain a better insight about the cage quality making a better purchase.

Is the Cage Corrosion Resistant or Not?

For any cage or container, it is important that it not be prone to corrosion or rusting. This not only reduces the life of pallet cage but also proves to be harmful for the goods kept inside. Therefore, it is always advised to buy a cage or container that is free from corrosion or rusting.

So, always ask your supplier about the same. We ask about the capacity of the container, but even high capacity cage pallets won’t perform well if corrosion and rusting is high. Hence, do ask about the same to your manufacturer.

Are there any Issues related to Cage Collapsing?

Another important thing to take care of with lockable pallet cages and other type of storage containers is whether their collapsible feature works well or not. Sometimes collapsing the cage more often loosens up its fittings, making it less useful.

To prevent this from happening with the wire mesh pallet cages you need to confirm the same with your suppliers. This will also familiarize you with all kinds of do’s and don’ts related to collapsing the cage.

Hence, just another question and you have got the perfect cage for your warehouse or industry which possess high durability.

So, with this questionnaire you will be all set to make the best purchase of cage pallets for your warehouse. If you have any more doubts or concerns, please feel free to connect with us. All the best on your purchase.