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The Similarities & Differences B/W Pet Preform Containers & Wire Mesh Containers

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  • image5 July 2018

PET preform containers and wire mesh containers are the most widely used containers in the warehouse industry and storage management industries. There lies many amazing features and qualities that set these two containers different from others and make them the most used containers.

Well, as both of these are exclusive and beneficial containers people often get confused about which one to use depending on their requirements. If you keenly compare their similarities and differences you will casually come to know about these.

So, let us have a look at their similarities and differences keenly so that the next time you can easily choose your ideal container among these two:

The Differences:

The Grid Size:

One of the major differences that seem small but make a huge difference between the two is of the grid size. The grid size of mesh containers is usually 55x113mm whereas that of the PET preform containers is 62x125mm.

This is because preform containers have the support of the polymer layer whereas the mesh containers do not. Hence, for better support and strength it becomes important that these containers have a smaller grid size.

This is what makes these two varieties of containers different from each other.

Loaded Sets:

Another big difference between these two containers is the loading number of sets. In PET containers it can be loaded into 168 sets whereas when it comes to wire containers and mesh containers this number gets increased to 332 sets.

Hence, although the overall capacity is almost the same the sets make a huge difference that makes these two containers different from each other.

Besides these differences, there are also some similarities between the both. Let us have a look:


Both these containers are collapsible and save a huge amount of space when not in use. As a result, both PET containers and wire mesh containers are considered as ideal containers from the return journey.

Loading Capacity:

Both these containers can load around 800kgs of goods and stuff. Hence, both are good for heavy storage. However, in some special cases, this loading capacity might vary. The top quality stores like HML wires manufacture special PET perform containers and mesh containers in a huge variety.

As a result, one gets a lot of options when it comes to choosing from these containers.

Long Lasting & Economical:

As a special feature both these containers are long-lasting and economical. At HML wires you will get the best quality mesh containers and wire containers in the cheapest prices. You can easily use them and increase the value of your warehouse and get the best quality storage management service with these two.

So, now as you know the major similarities and differences amongst the two its time to choose the right container. To know more about this container and other storage container get connected to HML wires and get a lot of valuable information. So, without wasting a moment hurry up and get these containers for your warehouse today!!!