Time to Rethink your Pallet Rack System

The pallet rack system is an integral and very important part of the storage and warehousing business. The entire system is quite expensive to commission and that makes it very important for you to regularly check the racking system for signs of damage. Pallet rack system failures can be devastating in terms of inventory loss and can be risky to the workers.

It is, therefore, important that the pallet rack repairs are carried out diligently and at the right time to prevent these mishaps. Let us examine a few points that can be a telltale for the health of your existing Pallet Rack System:

Overloaded Beams

Any beams with visible deformation or cracking should be immediately unloaded and replaced. Beams should be fully engaged and installed with proper safety locks.

Missing Safety Clips

The pallet racking system should be regularly inspected for missing safety clips. These should be immediately replaced. If the safety clips get dislodged at regular intervals the manufacturer should be contacted to find out why. If a manufacturing defect is noted, the whole rack should be replaced.

Horizontal and Diagonal Strut Damage

If strut damage is observed either horizontally or diagonally, immediate repairs/replacements should be carried on in the racking system .Missing horizontal or diagonal braces or braces with rips, tears or deflections beyond ½’’ mm should be immediately replaced.

Broken/ Torn Components

All components must be carefully examined for broken or torn welds. Any welds that are observed to be broken must be immediately attended to and repaired.

Dangerous Repairs

Pallet Rack Systems must be repaired by trained tradesmen but the possibility of a faulty previous repair cannot be completely discounted .The system should be inspected of any faulty previous repair and fixed immediately , specially with regards to welds .

Twisted Uprights

It the uprights are noticed to be twisted, damaged or cracked at any stage, a new section should be spliced or the rack or the footplate replaced completely. These inspections must be conducted by professionals, possibly safety auditors and their reports immediately implemented.

Hence, we see that there can be many tell tale signs that your Pallet Rack System need immediate repair or even replacement… It is very important to keep the pallet rack system in top working order for you and your business’s safety