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Tire Storage Racks – Benefits to The Business

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  • image17 May 2016

Tire Storage Racks are the racking system that stores and displays automobile tires and are a perfect solution for tire shops, garages, car dealerships and commercial tire storages, even tire manufacturing plants. Tire storage racks generally come in 3, 4 and 5 tiers and are designed and manufactured in a special way so as to store tires, at the same time displaying those to the customers. Let us discuss the benefits of the tire storage racks to tire business owners

1. Ease of Installation

Tire storage racks can be installed easily and customized according to the requirements of the business. The tiers can be customized as per the size of the tires and the feasibility of operations.

2. Store and Show

Tire storage racks, while saving precious floor area and storing the tires effectively, can also be a platform to showcase the various available models of the products.

3. Versatility of Styles

Tire storage racks can be wall mounted as well as a floor stand style. This gives you the option and versatility to install the tire storage rack as per your requirement and usage. The floor mounted racks are generally foldable and can be put away when not in use. This is a great feature of the tire storage rack.

4. Accessibility:

Since tire storage racks are generally open from one side, it is very easy to take out and put back the tires from /in the racking system. Since it is specially made to hold tires, it makes it very easy and effective storage system of otherwise difficult to store/stack tires.

5. Protect From Damage:

Storing tires directly on the floor can damage the tires, especially in the off season. Tire storage racks ensure that the tires stay snugly and with enough support so that these can be used in the next season again. So much so, there are a lot of “tire hotels” in North America and Canada which use these tire storage racks to store the tires of customers for a season on the payment of a charge and have quickly gained popularity, thanks to the unique efficiency of tire storage systems.

So, we can see that tire racking system are an integral part of an effective tire storage and display and are quite versatile and provide accessibility as well as a kind of a display unit for tires.