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Types Of Wire Mesh Containers Used In The Pet-Preform Industry

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  • image25 January 2022

Storage is a big problem not only in our Google Drives and in industries and warehouses. We all look for solutions to keep our belongings intact and proper. But we rarely succeed.

We can not help you with your cloud storage requirements but can surely uplift your storage game in your industries and warehouses.

Varieties of Containers Used In Pet-Preform Storage

Here we bring you the blog about the wire mesh containers and their customization, which are used in pet-preform storage facilities.

1. Metal Wire Mesh Containers

If your business deals with heavy and massive products or belongs to the pet-preform industry, metal storage wire containers are a perfect choice. The metal wire mesh containers are practical and durable and simplify your storage process. In addition, these containers can hold a lot of weight.

You can easily store and transport pet-preform and finished bottles using metal mesh containers.

2. Foldable Mesh Containers

If you are looking for something foldable for your warehouses, choosing foldable containers would be a good choice. These types of containers will not occupy enough space and are also portable.

The foldable mesh containers are easy to manage and handle. It is worth selecting them if your business items require frequent mobility.

3. Metal Storage Containers

Every industry can benefit from metal storage containers. Not every metal container needs to be wired. If your business deals in metallic products, choosing metal storage containers is good.

Depending on your business needs, you can always use wired or unwired metal containers.

4. Pet Preform Containers

These containers are super effective if your industry handles delicate and soft items like pet preform. Pet preform containers are made with polyester, which offers good molding capacity and efficient care for the products.

Glass bottles, gloves, medicines, and many products are protected when stored in pet preform containers.

Things To Consider While Customising Containers

Types Of Wire Mesh Containers Used In The Pet-Preform Industry

Are you looking for highly versatile storage solutions? If yes, we are bringing you to customize your wire mesh containers.

Weight, Shape, And Size Of The Product

The product’s weight, shape, and size are vital in deciding the type of container you choose for your warehouses or industry. If your products are heavy, select the metal container. Or, in the case of delicate products, metal containers are best. Your customized containers should bear the weight of your products.

Process Temperatures

While customizing storage wire containers, another thing to keep in mind. It is essential to keep the containers within a specific temperature range.

If the area of exposure is quite warm, it can affect the durability of the steel containers. So, it is always advisable to inform the wire mesh manufacturers of your process temperature.

Perfect Color

The color of the containers is also vital when you are handling the inventory. Depending on the products you are dealing with, you can always choose the color scheme. Color coordination is a great way to deal with easy identification of inventory.

The Add-ons

To improve the stability of the container, you can add fork pockets and fork stirrups. In addition, you can attach feet to your customized steel wire containers. Finally, provide lockable casters to handle quickly and transport the product.


Wire mesh steel containers are in huge demand in the market. The steel containers are highly durable and practical. You just need to recognize your needs for storage containers and let us design the perfect wire mesh containers for your industry.

HML takes your storage seriously; thus, we provide perfect solutions for your variety of problems. You can customize your wire mesh containers with us and kick away storage pain.

We make your storage more straightforward and hassle-free.