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Warehouse Tire Rack Helps Optimize Warehouse Storage Space and Operations

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  • image12 October 2021

Though tires are designed to last, it is critical that they should be maintained properly to maintain retain their integrity. Maximizing storage space without compromising tire quality is the cornerstone of effective high-volume tyre storage. A sturdy warehouse tire rack is the only way to go if you need a high-quality warehouse storage solution.

What is a Tire Storage Rack?

Tyre racks are designed to store tyres of all shapes and sizes in a safe and effective manner. Tyres must be stored in such a way that there is no stress or compression, as these effects can damage the tires to become completely deformed. Tyre racks fix this problem by letting tyres be stacked upright.

Tyre racks not only assure that tires are properly stored, but their design also provides for easy identification and individual access to each tyre on the rack, decreasing labour time. Tyres kept on the floor in heaps, on the other hand, are less accessible and can make it more difficult to get tyres down in the stack without risking collapsing the stack.

Ideal Tyre Storage Conditions

To improve the quality of your tyres, you must keep them in perfect storage conditions. Tyres should be kept in a safe, clean, and handled properly location that is not open to direct sunlight for optimal outcomes. Tyres should also not be kept near chemicals, cleaning solutions, or oil.

The Benefits of Tyre Racks

Increase Your Storage Capacity

Warehouse Tire Rack

Tyre racks allow you to store tyres vertically. This provides for better storage density while also freeing up floor space. Tyres can only be piled so tall before they became unbalanced, which can cause a stack to collapse over, inflicting damage to the tyres and possibly injuring adjacent personnel. In comparison, because tyres are placed vertically in tyre shelving, the number of tyres that can be stacked is unlimited. In fact, HMLWires manufactures all of its items on-site, allowing us to create a tyre racking system that is as tall and as wide as you want.

Boost Your Organization

The improved organization is another advantage of using tyre racks to keep your tyres. Tyre racks enable the stored tires to be neatly identified and arranged by brand, size, or speed classification, and they are also separately approachable, unlike piled tyres. This makes it easier to find and identify tyres, which speeds up the picking process.

Lower Labour Efforts and Hours

Tyre racks can save you money by cutting down on labour time. It is because accessing tyres at the bottom of the stack is significantly more challenging than locating and retrieving tyres from a warehouse tire rack.

HMLWires’ metal tire rack is also designed with safety and loading convenience in consideration. Tyres are stored vertically between two beams in our tyre rack system to keep them from falling off the shelf. This arrangement also allows tyres to be recovered quickly by rolling them right off the rack, which takes less effort than removing a heavy tyre from a stack.

Quality Made Tire Storage Rack at Affordable Prices

Look no further than HMLWires tyre racks if you’re looking for high-quality tyre racks at a reasonable price. Each racking system we offer is of excellent caliber, made with the highest quality materials and the finest precision. Since none of our racks are outsourced, we can give our customers short lead times on bespoke racking systems. Furthermore, each racking system we produce is covered by a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that our racking is engineered to last.

Buy Tire Pallet Rack

Rely on HMLWires, whether you need a few tyre racks for your garage or a whole warehouse set out. Take advantage of our years of knowledge and expertise by calling us today.