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What are Stacking Racks? How are they used in Industrial Logistics?

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  • image8 February 2022

Storage remains a crucial issue when arranging the space in your personal or professional place. Numerous inventions in the market tend to offer ease in setting goods or materials. Racks are one of the innovative products that are portable units for storage. Let us know all about the stacking racks.

Stacking racks

The limited floor space is the point of concern for many big warehouses. Hence, stacking the goods is the only option for businesses dealing with limited spaces. The ideal solution is the stacking rack, one of the highly flexible industrial storage needs. There is no need for permanent storage when using portable storage racks. Hence, these ranks offer maximum storage density when in use and can simply be kept outside when not in use.

Component of stacking racks

The ideal components of these racks are the base, removable end frames, etc. The floor offers the much-needed support for storage, while the removable posts offer portability in functions. It helps warehouses use the air space when there are limitations on the floor space. It is ideal to go for these stacking racks when the good can’t be stacked over one another due to safety and damage concerns.

Range of stacking racks

The different options in the mobile racks, like portable stack racks, stack racks with steel fork runners, stack racks with removable sidebars, stack rack with wire mesh decking, etc., offer the best benefits to the businesses. Industries can go for the specifically created single mobile racks like textile & fabric roll stack racks, tire storage stack racks, lumber stack racks, etc., for meeting their specialized storage needs.

Mechanism of stacking racks

It is quick and easy for the warehouses to place the mobile racks on wheels or rails to ensure swift movement without damaging the goods. Based on the storage capacity of these racks, these can be operated manually, mechanically, or electrically. The use of handles for push or pull for manually operated racks and multi-ratio geared handwheels for mechanically operated racks makes it easy for teams to use them. The electrically powered racks further offer quick operations with a single click only.

What is a Manurack rack?

If you’re looking for high-end racks for professional storage like a warehouse or in-plant stores, Manurack racks can be the ideal solution for your storage needs. These racks have a total load capacity of 1000 kg to 1500 kg per pallet. In addition, the Manurack can be stacked in three pieces, one over the other. Further, the rods of these racks can be removed when the manure bags are not in use and hence offers additional space savings.

These racks are preferred storage utilities as they offer simple inventory control. The minimum amount of the walkways provided by these racks allows maximum space usage. Workers can quickly reach these racks for easy order picking and store different cargo based on the volume and weight needs. Many current warehouses and professional supply chains use Manurack models for storage.

Wrapping Up

Stacking racks are ideal solutions for space savings, safe storage, and damage-free movement of goods in an industrial warehouse. The different options in these racks like mobile racks, Manurack racks ensure that businesses can find a matching product according to their needs.

Moreover, the portable racks can be ideally used at different places and can be pulled out of the storage when not in use quickly. The specialized Manurack racks, on the other hand, can offer high-end storage benefits with a load capacity of 1000 kg to 1500 per pallet.