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Where to Buy a Tire Storage System?

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  • image15 November 2022

Are you looking for a heavy-duty tire storage system for your automotive industry or facility?

Our tire storage rack systems provide distinctive, small, and adaptable space-saving solutions.

Expand Your Storage Space with Tire Racks

An organized high-density mobile tyre storage system is becoming increasingly necessary for garages, car dealers, tyre shops, and warehouses since it makes them easier to supply, more accessible, and takes up less space.

An easily scalable system is also a top priority in order to meet corporate development and the need to store seasonal tires.

It is equally crucial to maintain tyres properly off of a vehicle as it is while it is on one in a controlled situation. Because of this, we have the scalable automated storage solutions required to treat them with the utmost respect and prevent early deterioration.

Find out why our portable tyre rack systems are the best option.

What Types of Items Can be Stored in Tire Racks?

Where to Buy a Tire Storage System?
  • 1. Agriculture, construction, and farming vehicles tires
  • 2. Bicycle tires
  • 3. Passenger car tires
  • 4. Performance, track, specialty, and competition tires
  • 5. Rims and wheels
  • 6. Spare tires
  • 7. Summer and winter tires
  • 8. Train, locomotive and airplane tires
  • 9. Truck tires

Who Benefits from Our Tire Storage Rack Systems?

  • 1. Dealers
  • 2. Factories and plants
  • 3. Garages and repair shops
  • 4. Lumber yards
  • 5. Passenger and commercial car tire divisions
  • 6. Public and private transport services
  • 7. Retailers
  • 8. Warehouses

What are the Perks of Adding Tire Racks to Your Facility?

  • 1. Double the capacity of storage space with the same square footage.
  • 2. Quicker return on investment.
  • 3. Customized and specialized storage with flexible add-ons.
  • 4. Optimum workplace security by reducing the danger from bending, lifting, and tugging.
  • 5. Using a partially or entirely mechanical system, raise stored tyres to a comfortable height.
  • 6. Reduce costs associated with the inventory system, storage, and space utilization.
  • 7. Improved capacity to store and sell a wider variety of goods.

Our Goal

Our goal is to sustainably revolutionize how people store things by utilizing intelligent space-saving solutions. We are a global innovator of revolutionary high-density mobile storage options.

Our Vision

Facilitating the world to behave better. Assisting entities store more smartly and with limited space.

Our Values That Drive Us Daily

#1. Collaboration

Encourage respect, cooperation, and coordination in the workplace

#2. Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Make sure your products and services are of high quality to attract and retain loyal customers.

#3. Innovation

By being brave, we are supporting change. We constantly enhance our strategy and offerings. By continuing our efforts and ecological advancements, we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Why HMLWires?

Outstanding Performance

With more than 25 years of industry expertise, HMLWires is the sole brand for premium material handling, logistics, and warehouse storage solutions. Our offerings speak for themselves thanks to their thoughtful design, robust construction, user-friendly technology, and simple installation.

Considering Your Requirements and Priorities

Our technical staff are renowned for their acumen and originality. HMLWires will take care of it if you let us know what you need or what issues you need to be resolved. This is the strength of client-centered design.

Bespoke Services

Your operations will become more sophisticated, effective, and economical if you invest in a storage option. Our products are the most complete and user-friendly ones available. With HMLWires, we guarantee quick results.

Enduring Connection

Our portable storage options work nicely together. Our solutions are compatible with other storage systems. HMLWires’ storage solution is capable of adapting as your demands do.

Certified and Trained Installers

Despite the fact that HMLWires solutions require very little to no maintenance, we nevertheless have a sizable network of installation specialists on staff that are prepared to help you with scheduled maintenance.

Truly Chinese-made

We are actually made in China, not simply claiming to be. To guarantee the quality of our items, we have complete control over both their design and production.

We Ship Globally

Everywhere you conduct business, HMLWires goes. We offer our services all around the world!

Better Warranty

Even though we offer the greatest warranties in the industry for your ease and comfort, we always assure you of the quality of our products.

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