Why Metal Wire Storage Containers Are Better Than Wood and Plastics?

HMLWires works with raw materials to supply products to a broad range of industries that appear quite different. We offer high-quality products including metal wire storage containers which are remarkably durable, versatile and cost-effective and meets the strict standards and regulations set forth by most industries.

The management of materials for hygiene or cleaning brings problems and barriers in each of the sectors with which we collaborate. Sometimes the obstruction is due to a lack of resources, such as:

  • Air flow is necessary for proper drying.
  • To clean or sanitize, chemicals, heat, or other stressors are required.
  • The basket’s environmental flexibility (to quickly shift from one manufacturing process to another)
  • Customizable requirements for material size, structure, or capacity
  • Metal storage containers are an excellent alternative for manufacturing or cleaning purposes in any business.

For a long time, plastic was regarded to be the greatest material for material handling because of its apparent durability and moldability. While plastic has its advantages, but there’s nothing that matches to China Steel when it comes to material handling and warehouse management.

Here are a few reasons why metal wire or folding steel wire container is worth investing—

folding steel wire container

They are More Resistant to Temperature

Steel can tolerate a broader range of temperatures compared to another type of materials such as wood or plastics. Steel outperforms even with the latest advancements. It can endure fast or cyclic temperature fluctuations much better than other materials.

They are Better Resistant to Corrosion

In both air and pure water circumstances, steel prevents corrosion. In most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine conditions, high-alloyed steel grades cause corrosion. Most materials, on the other hand, are unable to do so.

They are More Versatile

Steel can be covered with plastic to combine the advantages of both materials. Furthermore, while plastics can be moulded, metal can be shaped, moulded, cut, deformed, welded, and combined in a variety of ways, while plastics are confined in their flexibility.

They are Cleaner

Plastic and wood are more stained by industrial oils, grease, and solvents than steel, making them more difficult to clean. Steel surfaces are easy to maintain looking like new. Moreover, electropolishing makes it easier to disinfect and clean a metal surface for food and pharmaceutical grade steels.

They are Robust

Steel has a higher tensile strength and is more durable. In addition, ventilation holes in a plastic container reduce the container’s strength more than they would in wire mesh container.

They Absorb No or Less Water

Steel is moisture resistant. Water absorption varies by plastic, which may degrade the plastic or cause other problems based on the sector and the amount of bacterial growth.

They are Resistant to Fire

Even at extreme temperatures, special high chromium and nickel-alloyed steels prevent scaling and maintain strength. Plastics, on the other hand, may melt when subjected to fires and produce toxic compounds as a result of the melting process.

They are Cost-Effective

The folding steel wire container by HMLWires uses simple manufacturing procedures. Most plastics, on the other hand, require a specific mould, which comes with a high initial tooling cost, limiting plastic to only very high-volume uses.

They Are Long-lasting

Steel is generally a less expensive material alternative when total life cycle costs, involving initial tooling, are included. Furthermore, its long-term endurance makes it a wise investment.

They are More Sustainable

Since plastics degrade much more quickly, they are not really environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the majority of plastics are made from petroleum, a non-renewable and frequently imported resource. Steel, on the other hand, is a reusable and recyclable material. If needed, it can be smelted and reused.

Whether you are looking for a wire container or PET preform wire container, you can rely on HMLWires.