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Why Stillage Containers Shouldn’t Be Overlooked?

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  • image19 March 2024

When it comes to exporting goods or moving them across a manufacturing floor, a stillage container—typically constructed of high-quality material—is the way to go. Whether your items are in route to a warehouse, distributor, or end user, stillage containers can help your business save time on loading and unloading.

HML Wires Offers Best Range of Storage Containers

metal stillage

Since our stillage containers are usually stackable, you may make better use of your factory floor space and boost efficiency by quickly finding the goods you need. Your company’s operating efficiency and performance could be greatly enhanced with stillages that have customized choices, such as castor wheels.

You have the option to incorporate either drop-front or top to make it easier to add or remove products from the stacked stillages. The addition of a hatch door is another option for items of a smaller size. HMLWires offers a galvanized finish option on each stillage, making it even more resistant and capable of handling intense usage and loading.

One of our biggest achievements is our unique stillage production. Stillages can be tailored to fit your business’s needs. Whether it’s improved storage, more secure shipping, or more customization in your manufacturing systems, HMLWires offers a range of options to help you find a solution that works for your company and employees.

Here are the top benefits of using a metal stillage or steel basket in your warehouse or facility centre—

Minimizes the Need for Floor Space

There is a stillage container style out there that will meet all of your warehouse needs. When not in use, many storage containers can be folded up for compact storage. They are easily transportable by truck or racking system whether they are empty or folded and full.

Provides Improved Safety and Security

If you want to be sure your products are safe, a steel basket is a great choice. Considering that the likelihood of items being harmed is reduced. A big suit of protection is what storage containers are. Since they can’t be reached, the goods are protected from the outside elements that could damage the warehouse. Because of the increased risk of damage, this is of the utmost importance when transporting the metal stillage throughout the warehouse.

Streamlines Handling and Movability

Shipping containers is a breeze. The warehouse is completely within the control of the forklift trucks. Transporting stillage is a breeze with these containers because of how they securely attach to pallets or forklift jacks. These are great for storing things that need to be kept safe and secure. They also serve as a security system, which is a nice bonus. If your commodities are prone to dropping or toppling, this strategy is stable and resilient.

Ensures Durability

You can find stillages made of many different materials. Metal containers are manufactured from top-quality steel that has been galvanised to prevent oxidation and harm to the cage or the products inside. This makes them an economical solution because they don’t need to be maintained and are extremely long-lasting.

Storage containers are important because it ensures your commodities are safe and protected. They are not only a fantastic solution for storing products, but it also makes hauling things across the warehouse smoother and safer. They’re robust, but most significantly, they’re secure.

Why choose Metal Stillages by HMLWires?

The HMLWires team has over 30 years of experience and expertise in stillage container product design and manufacturing. Our expertise has given rise to new transportation and storage solutions to serve the needs of the diverse spectrum of customers, even those in the retail, industrial, and different sectors.