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Why Use Collapsible Metal Stacking Pallets?

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  • image29 November 2022

Confused whether or not to invest in stacking pallets or not? Then this post is for you!

It’s critical for businesses to consider cost-cutting measures wherever possible. It is because of the growing instability surrounding China and the increased reluctance of businesses to spend.

Typically, businesses that strive to cut expenses and increase efficiency wherever feasible grow and become the most competitive in their industry.

Due to their ability to collapse when empty of all products, portable post pallets and portable racks offer the ideal logistical solution.

Stacking Pallets and Racks— A Great Solution for Handling Your Goods

Why Use Collapsible Metal Stacking Pallets?

With excellent load bearing capacity, a stacking rack is frequently a consideration for businesses looking to lower transportation expenses on return leg trips. Metal pallets that collapse or stacking pallets are also ideal storage options for businesses with limited space.

We can create custom pallets, cages, racks and stillages around your parts or specs, whether they include full or partial fork guides or are produced to support a certain weight using load testing. Load testing makes possible a guarantee that each product will carry the necessary weight.

Contrary to many of our competitors that mass produce products, which typically results in a loss in quality and customization, one of our company’s unique selling features are that we produce every part to your requirements. We can galvanize, electroplate, or paint your product to a certain RAL if you choose.

Advantages of Using Stacking Pallets and Racks

Utilizing pallets consistently gives warehouse businesses a competitive and strategic advantage over their rivals. Without palletization, manual storage must be done, which can result in a number of mistakes and mistakes made by people. Pallets’ increased efficiency, hence, contributes to a reduction in the difficulty of handling products.

Pallets have the following advantages—

Faster loading and unloading: This promotes efficient transport and timely delivery or dispatch of products. Delivery trucks are more organized and manageable.
Palletization helps mechanize the storage and transportation processes, which results in a reduction in labour demand. Thus, manual handling and the issues it raises are much diminished.

Temperature: Products that are temperature-sensitive are better protected. Perishable goods that are held in warehouses without temperature control have less of a possibility of spoiling when they are stored on pallets.

Less chance of damage: Pallets act as protective gear, keeping the items secure. They can’t fall or be knocked over because they are properly stacked during storage and transportation.
Workers are safer: With less labour being engaged, there is a reduced risk of worker injuries. This will prevent items from falling on workers or abrasive damage from sharp edges.

Standardisation: The stacking of pallets can be accurately planned before shipment or even while being transported because practically all pallets have predefined sizes that are set forth by established criteria.

The Advantages of Stacking Pallets With HMLWires During Transportation

Reduced Logistics

Your organization’s logistics procedures are made simpler because you need fewer transport moves due to the increased payload of your means of transportation.

Loading And Unloading Quickly

In the logistics centre, pallet stacking with HMLWires is simple to set up. Since the loading and unloading times for an HMLWires are the same as for a single pallet, your lorries will be loaded up swiftly. The loading and unloading times per pallet will be significantly reduced as a result.

Lessening Transport Damage

Additional protection for the items in transit is provided by HMLWires. You reduce the possibility of shipment damage thanks to pallet protection.

Lower Transportation Costs

HMLWires allows you to save a lot of money on storage and shipping expenses. You move more pallets simultaneously—up to 300% more, in fact. According to our client’s experience, you will save more than 30% on transportation expenses.

Reduction of CO2

Your vehicle’s CO2 emissions are often reduced by more than 30% thanks to HMLWires. Your carbon footprint has been significantly reduced by these noticeably lower emissions. HMLWires contributes significantly to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your company or organization by moving more cargo each transport movement.

Whether you’re looking for a stackable rack, cage pallet or container, contact HMLWires today!