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Why Use Wire Baskets in a Manufacturing Environment?

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  • image22 April 2016

Wire mesh containers are a vital part of industrial processes and can be found being used in a lot of industries. The industrial wire baskets are made of different types of perforated metals and wire cloths. The aerospace and automotive sectors rely heavily on wire baskets to make their automated processes run well. Although wire baskets come in different shapes and sizes, their basic objective is to strain unwanted materials from liquids. Some examples include heat training, annealing, degreasing, parts washing, tumbling, drying and material handling. These wire baskets can be made with a variety of metals, stainless steel being one of the most popular. Let us find why we should use wire baskets in a manufacturing environment.

Annealing Applications: Wire baskets are best suited for annealing applications because of its ability to withstand high temperatures.

It is See Through: In storage applications it really matters a lot if the container is see through for proper visibility and identification of the product inside.

Durability: Wire baskets are among the most durable and can be placed on any surface without the fear of rips or tears. It is very important for a storage container to be durable and last long.

Non-Corrosive: As a result of being galvanized, most wire mesh is corrosion resistant. This extends the life of the wire mesh and makes it more dependable and economical as well.

Stackable: Wire baskets are stackable and save a lot of space when being used. In this age of limited industrial spaces, this is a very effective factor in the popularity of wire baskets being used industrially.

Porous: Wire baskets are porous and hence felicitate drainage and hence protecting the contents from liquid damage.

Easily Configurable: The wire baskets can be made with many different configurations. It is very simple to modify and a range of shapes and sizes can be effortlessly fabricated out of wire mesh. In addition to the work versatility, the versatility of configuration is quite a unique factor in the popularity of wire baskets in industrial and manufacturing environment.

Hence, we see that wire the wire basket can be effectively used in a plethora of unique applications in the manufacturing industry, it is environment-friendly, customizable, easy to maintain and clean and quite durable offering the greatest bang for the buck. Hence it is a fit choice to be used in manufacturing environment. All wire mesh baskets are perfectly designed to resist the hard work of the industrial environment.