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Why Wire Decking is Important for Warehouses and Facilities?

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  • image5 March 2024

Are you looking for good-quality wire decking?

Wire decking is a product that enhances steel pallet rack systems by adding strength, protection, and other benefits to the racks used in warehouses. In fact, wire decks are so easy to install that they simply drop in. Their wire mesh architecture allows for excellent vision throughout the whole rack system.

When looking for wire decking to improve safety and suit your needs, there are many factors and options to think about.

Wire Decking Pallet Rack Systems Works Well in Every Warehouse

wire decking pallet rack

In addition to preventing products from falling, wire decking improves airflow and prevents dust from accumulating. Overhead sprinklers are also made more efficient with their help. Local fire regulations often mandate wire decking on the rack as an alternative to particle board or plywood.

There are a wide variety of wire decking pallet rack systems that are compatible with most common racking systems; choose one that best suits your needs. For all of your storage and pallet rack requirements, we also provide custom sizes and designs. Listed below are a few of the most common types of decking for racks.

Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking

When compared to flat or corrugated panels, the pallet rack wire deck comes closer to meeting code requirements for use between pallet racks. Systems for storing pallets on racks are very sturdy and versatile. There is no limit to the amount of data you can store thanks to the wide range of styles and channel shapes.

Whether you need more space on your pallets for flat storage or more sanitary storage, wire decking increases your options.

There is a difference between pallet supports and a wire deck. Fasten them with screws. Pallet supports are metal bars that fit within the beams of the material handling equipment and provide additional structural support to the bay, in contrast to wire decks, which entirely occupy the space between the beams and create a level surface for storage.

On top of that, the wire mesh deck has added benefits like—

  • 1. It is more durable and dependable than plywood.
  • 2. It makes airflow better.
  • 3. It meets rigorous fire code requirements.
  • 4. Galvanized is one of the various finishes that are offered for outdoor applications.
  • 5. Constructed with sturdy support tubes for large pallet loads.
  • 6. Fits most rack systems with bespoke sizes and designs.
  • 7. Use a u-channel or flare channel for both step and box beams.
  • 8. Better dispersion of overhead illumination improves visibility.
  • 9. Storage of less-than-pallet loads is possible; without a deck, only full pallet loads can be kept.
  • 10. It’s simple to use; just insert them where needed.
  • 11. There is the possibility of cheaper insurance costs because of adherence to fire codes.

The Flexibility of a Wire Deck Never Fades

For most storage needs, mesh decks are an excellent choice of pallet and general-purpose shelving. For racking systems in cold rooms and freezers, mesh decks are preferable to boards.

The characteristics of refrigeration units place restrictions on the materials that can be used for the racking system. To put it plainly, the air is too humid to utilize the board.

It’s no secret that particle board, MDF, and chipboard soak up water. The problem with this is that the board expands and contracts when it absorbs water. Consequently, the proportions of the board are subject to change.

Because of these changes, the board might not be suitable for the storage rack anymore.

A Wire Deck Requires Minimal Upkeep

Maintaining a high-quality wire mesh deck is minimal. The daily warehouse sweep can easily pick up dirt and dust that falls onto the floor from the mesh decks instead of on their surface.

Would You Like More Information?

Make sure it’s easy! Choose the right decking for your rack system with the help of HMLWires. To meet your material handling needs now and as your business grows, we are ready to help you select and build a system.