Why Wire Mesh Decking is a Good Option?

Why Wire Mesh Decking is a Good Option?

Over the decades, pallet racks have played a vital role in increasing storage capacity at delivery centres and warehouses. Selecting the right rack decking is a very important part of industrial pallet racking design, as it gives a base for stowing non-palletized items or cases together with palletized products. Wire mesh decking is one of the most popular and versatile choices when it comes to decking. It lowers the chance of products falling by increasing the number of contact points between the storage channels and the product being stored, and thus increases the overall warehouse safety.

When choosing decking for racks, never go for wooden boards or other alternatives. These substitutes are profligate, take more installing time, expensive and increase the risk of fire and pathogens spread. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the improper decking material, and risk the safety of employees and the security of a cage pallet, or a roll container.

Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking:

Wire Mesh Decking

#1. They need no cutting

Unlike wood and other alternatives, wire mesh decking needs no cutting. It comes produced in the perfect size to fit between over box beams or step beams. Thus, lets you save a good amount of time and energy, too.

#2. They are easy to install

Since wire decking comes in premade dimensions, it fits seamlessly onto the racks or a roll container without the help of any tools. The edges on the waterfall decking help to hold the deck in position and stop the beams from moving apart. To improve the security of drop-in decking, some additions are needed during installation.

#3. Wear and tear resistant

Wire mesh decking has a long-lasting, robust construction that cannot be wrapped and splintered. To lower the possibilities of pallets or forklifts, causing harm to the decking, it is better to choose galvanized decking. Since wire decking for cage pallet, post pallet and pallet racks does not deteriorate as rapidly as wooden planks do, it provides a long-term investment in reinforcing pallets and their loads. Investing in a premium quality wire mesh decking is a good investment that lasts for years, even with heavy usage.

#4. They are safer and securer

Wire mesh decking is much safe and sound. It better secures the racked items, reduce fire spread and prevent contamination of products.

#5. They are robust

Wire mesh decking is much stronger and durable when compared to wood and other alternatives. They have a variety of weight and size capabilities.

#6. They are cost-effective

The cost of cutting, installing and changing wood boards over time results in high charges, whereas this is not the case with a wire mesh decking designed purposely to fit the rack. It needs little to zero maintenance after installation.

The cost of wire decking and wooden boards for racks are almost the same. But, when considering the amount of time consumed to cut wood boards, fit them and further replace them frequently, wire mesh decking costs much less.

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