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Why You Should Purchase a Custom Metal Stillage

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  • image13 December 2022

Off-the-shelf stillages are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials like steel, aluminium, and plastic. You might have discovered that there are a number of designs with around the same dimensions that make the claim to retain loads with comparable values if you are looking for a metal stillage to suit your needs.

The price can be the only thing that sets something apart. You might be tempted to choose the least expensive choice. Is this, however, a false economy?

Tips to Buy Metal Stillages for Your Facility

It might make more business sense to think about having your stillages custom-made rather than merely choosing the one with the lowest price.

Your decision to commission the creation of a custom steel basket may result in both operational and economic advantages:

1. Material Choice

A brand-new, glossy metal stillage might not last very long. The working world can be challenging and demanding. A stillage that is made of improper material may be easily damaged or deformed. It’s crucial to pick a material that will hold up for a lifetime of use, or you run the danger of needing to replace them soon.

2. Unit Load

Custom-made stillages have a far higher capacity than stillages that are mass-produced from low-quality materials. Due to the engineering know-how and high-quality materials employed, our products can store significantly more. Additionally, we conduct load testing, which offers the highest level of assurance.

3. Keeping

Keeping warehousing expenses low will be made possible by reducing the amount of space needed to store stillages that are not being used. Think about bespoke storage that can be folded up, stacked easily, and optimized for storage when not in use.

4. Transport

Components and completed goods are safely transported with the aid of stillage containers. A stillage’s main function is to prevent harm to the commodities it stores while facilitating the loading and unloading of products as they are transported from the warehouse to the truck and then to the final destination. Many businesses regard minimizing shipping damage as a critical component of their costs.

5. Safety

A custom-made style. Each design can be evaluated to satisfy your unique needs.

The design of a sturdy steel basket or stillage does not have to be difficult. Even the simplest designs can be produced using the right materials to work well for your business. The secret is to select a manufacturer who can combine quality and strong service standards with cost and longevity.

Many businesses employ stillages to effectively store, safeguard, and distribute manufactured goods and their components. Some generic off-the-shelf stillages might be able to satisfy the needs of your project. But bespoke stillages can be specially created and manufactured to match your specific project needs when you can’t find a solution.

Metal stillages that are specially built will be very useful for industries that frequently store and transport components and products with uneven shapes.

Why Buy Stillages from HMLWires?

Engineers planned and built the fabrications that are produced at our production facility, and they are long-lasting. Our fabrications, as opposed to more “off the shelf” material handling equipment, are well constructed to withstand heavy use. Any fabrication can be load tested according to the specific needs of the customer and will have the required accreditation if needed.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to promptly and effectively translate your requirements from the initial design stage to fabrication. From very small component parts to one-ton fabrications, everything is available.

Our expertise is time-served Engineers have a plethora of experience in a wide range of industries, including the production of vehicles, material management, building, and aviation.

We Are a Group With Pride, Talent, And Commitment

Since the company’s founding, HMLWires has been a go-to source for businesses of all sizes, industries, and sectors for high-quality stillages, trolleys, and material handling equipment.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a competitive edge with our designs, and we have established ourselves as the leading provider of unique solutions in the market.

If you’d like additional details on a material handling solution that will meet your needs, call our team or send us an email with your request.