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Wire Container— A Better Way to Solve Storage and Material Handling Challenges

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  • image24 May 2022

Material mishandling is a major source of industrial injuries and accidents. A wire container, on the other hand, is sturdy and durable, and since it prevents products from slipping or tumbling off the pallet while being handled or moved, it can greatly improve warehouse safety and efficiency. Furthermore, when housed on pallet racking, our wire storage containers include a superior predictive locking mechanism that ensures no slippage.

Wire Mesh Cages Makes Material Handling Safer and Efficient

Wire Container— A Better Way to Solve Storage and Material Handling Challenges

Even the largest items, such as mining and heavy industrial equipment, can be moved in wire mesh cages or housed on pallet racks, making dealing with bulky or difficult-to-handle items considerably safer.

Wire mesh cages can also be transported efficiently with a forklift or pallet jack, reducing the need for manual handling, which is one of the most common causes of injury in the storage and transportation sectors.

A warehouse cage can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit practically any storage demand, and then arranged to store a huge amount of content conveniently without using shelves or racks.

Warehouse cages are sturdy, competent storage solutions that can be moved and handled with conventional forklifts, and they can quickly transfer from warehouse to transit and back, while also managing to keep their products safe and protected.

HMLWires Simplifying Warehouse Storage Problems

HMLWires can assist your organization in resolving its storage issues. We provide the proper storage solution that best fits your needs, from stillage systems to pallet racks, tire rack storage systems and many more.

We can also make to your unique requirements. We are warehouse storage and material handling system innovator, supplier, and manufacturer specializing in warehouse storage and material handling equipment.

Collapsible wire containers are one of our top sellers. Wire containers are an excellent warehouse storage option. The folding storage cages from HMLWires are not only adaptable with forklifts and pallet racking, but they are also simple to fold and store when unused.

Warehouse Cages and Containers Can Be Used in Many Ways

Our warehouse storage cages are utilised for a variety of purposes, but here are three of the most popular ones today.

Storage of Bulky and Difficult Items

Warehouses house a vast number of bulky and irregularly shaped products, many of which are extremely heavy to be stored in wooden or plastic containers.

Foldable mesh storage cages are big enough to hold practically any item weighing up to 800kg.

Big and heavy objects must also be handled properly and effectively, as just attaching them to pallets puts your employees and goods at risk.

Protect Harmful Goods

Although hazardous material storage solutions should be used for high-risk chemicals, many combustible materials can be securely stored and handled in storage cages with proper marking.

You may also want to keep an eye out for goods that are dangerous owing to their shape or size. Very big and hazardous products, for instance, should be safely placed inside mesh storage cages to prevent employees and walkers from accidentally bumping into or touching them.

Keep Your Materials and Goods Safe

Another significant purpose for mesh storage cages is to safeguard expensive objects from theft, specifically lockable or stackable storage cages or full height wire mesh cages that are difficult for burglars to reach inside.

Buy Warehouse Cage and Wire Container from HMLWires

With over 3 decades in the industry, HMLWires offer several different standard styles of storage and material handling equipment for warehouses, retail and distribution facilities. Over time, we have gained knowledge and experience to design and manufacture only the top-quality equipment and storage solutions for our clients.