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Wire Containers – Robust and Versatile Container Solutions

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  • image10 May 2016

Wire mesh containers are a very important part of industrial procedures and can be found being employed in a lot of industries. The industrial wire baskets are made using kinds of wire cloths as well as perforated metals. The aerospace and automotive sectors rely greatly on wire baskets to assemble their automated processes run properly. While wire baskets come in several sizes and shapes, their basic aim is to separate all the unwanted materials from liquids. Some instances include annealing, degreasing, heat training, parts washing, drying, tumbling, and material handling. These wire baskets can be prepared with a variety of metals, stainless steel being one of the most common & preferred. Let us find how wire containers can serve as a robust and versatile product –

Storage Containers

Wire Containers are used as containers that offer great visibility since these are made with heavy duty mesh and offer unparalleled protection to fragile goods. Wire containers are used at industrial locations effectively by businesses to employ proper and transparent inventory control procedures. These offer great value as storage solutions since these come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are very flexible in use. These baskets are easily customizable to offer unique and easy solutions to businesses as per their needs.

For Transport

Wire containers are effectively used in the transportation of products from one place to another. Some businesses even add casters to the bottom of the containers so that these can be easily manoeuvred and be easy to move from one area of the warehouse to the other. The wire containers can also be used for long distance transportation of some products which need constant contact of air on its surface such as fabric, toys etc.

For Inventory Control

Wire containers are stackable, durable, reusable and easily transportable. These factors make wire containers a great inventory management tool because of its versatility in storage applications and easy transportation. Inventory managers are really happy to see a product that allows them to see and predict the real time movement of product which is very effective in wire containers.


Wire containers are generally made of stainless steel and are one hundred percent recyclable. With the growing awareness of environmental issues and strict compliance laws, wire containers make a very wise investment since these can be easily and effectively recycled and reused hence helping businesses to promote themselves as environmentally friendly and responsible business entities…