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Wire Mesh Decking for Pallet Racking: The Complete Guide

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  • image28 September 2018

Racks and wire containers have gained a huge importance when it comes to effective and efficient warehouse storage. These containers are highly durable and have the capability to store heavy loads without any kind of damage to them.

This is what makes racks highly useful and valuable in the storage management world. Different kinds of racking style are used for building a strong rack. Mesh decking and pallet racking are the methodologies while used and accepted by top manufacturers in building the best quality racks.

So, let us put more light on these racking methodologies and know all about wire mesh decking for pallet racking:

Wire Mesh Decking & What it Does:

Wire mesh decking is nothing but a method of building decks which have the structure of wire mesh. Strong and durable wires are brought together to build different types of channels.

These different channels vary in the mounting type of wire and also the way these channels will be attached to the pallet. These channels thus form strong structures and results in the formation of strong and durable racks.

This is why we call is wire mesh decking for pallet racking as it helps in building strong and durable pallets. These pallets help in proper goods accommodation achieving all the parameters for efficiency and effectiveness.

42 x 46 Wire Decking:

This decking style is also a strong and durable one. Many manufacturers are adopting this 42 x 46 wire decking style nowadays.

The main purpose of a wire decking is to build structure forming strong pallets followed by racks and keep all the goods safe and secured. And, this wire decking style is capable of achieving so.

Different designs like inside a waterfall, outside waterfall, flat flush etc are used for designs the channels with this wire decking. Top manufacturers like HML wires also carry out a proper quality check after the product is ready to make sure that it satisfies the purpose as desired.

Why Mesh Decks?

Now, the question that arises is, that why one should go for these wire decking styles or mesh deck styles instead of the other older methods. And the answer is a lot of amazing quality and features which these mesh decks provide and other older methods fail to.

These are corrosion resistance, provides high-ventilation properties and also makes the goods loading and accessing easier. Many of these racks built from these wire decks are easy to mount and dismount when required.

It can thus be said that all the features and qualities which a user first looks for are provided by these mesh decks. And when so, many amazing properties are associated one will definitely prefer these over the others.

Hence, for your warehouse also, make sure that you get the best decking style which completely solves your purpose for pallet racking. HML wire will help you in finding the right one. So, hurry up and order now. We have many exciting offers for you!!