Folding Wire Mesh Container

One of the best things about the folding container is that these save a lot of space when not in use. One does not have to pay extra attention to accommodating these containers separately. With this amazing perk here comes the classic folding wire mesh container.

The mesh like structure for the container with folding capabilities forms the perfect warehouse storage solution.

  • Model No.: F16
  • Wire Guage: ¢12-¢5.0 mm
  • Grid Size: 54x115 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 800 kg
  • Loaded in 1x40'GP: 164 sets
  • Exterior Dimension: 1249L×808W×1060H mm

Products Specifications

Main Features

  • Collapsible-save space when not in use,ideal for return journeys
  • Standard half-hinged gate access
  • Long lasting,economical alternative to disposable packing
  • Open wire mesh design allows for full visibility for inventory checks,ventilation and cleaness.

Same design, defferent sizes

Model No. Exterior Dimension Wire Guage Grid Size Loading Capacity Loaded in 1x40'GP
LxWxH(mm) mm mm kg sets
F16 1249x808x1060 ¢12-¢5.0 54x115 800 164
Material Mild steel Q235
Application Area Warehouse, logistic, recycling, wine industry, etc.
Wine Storage Load 500(horizontal) bottles, 339(inverted)bottles Type"champagne"
Finish Zinc/hot dip galvanized/powder coating
Remark Costomized or OEM support

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