Laundry Industry

Laundry is an industry that forms a major part of several other big industries. Be it big hotels, restaurants or even tourism industry - laundry businesses form a major part of these growing businesses.


Handling a laundry business is not an easy task. It comes with a responsibility of bulk handling and storage management. Clothes need to be properly arranged before and after cleaning and special care needs to be taken to avoid any kind of mishaps. These heavy tasks can be simplified with the help of our classic laundry containers and carts.

The different containers that can prove efficient and effective for meeting the requirements of the laundry industry are:

  • Roll cages for the easy movement of clothes from one place to another inside the industry.
  • Laundry carts for secured and efficient storage of different clothing materials.
  • Laundry cages especially designed for your laundry industry establishing customizable requirements.

Also, these cages are highly durable and can be handled with ease. We at HML Wires provide an exclusive range of these containers that will benefit your laundry industry.

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