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We supply a wide variety of products across many varied markets

Choosing the right type of materials handling equipment is a key part of your business. This can provide the best ROI when partnered with the right supplier.

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Why Choose HML Group


Industry Solution Expert

We've solved a variety of complex issues for many industries, including the wine, PET Preform, warehousing and logistics industries, etc. This allows us to understand the unique needs of each industry and provide tailored solutions to ensure your business thrives.


Reliable Partner

Experience the unbeatable combo of top-notch quality control and long-lasting materials, designed for an unwavering performance you can count on.


One-stop Service

We take care of everything from solution, design, to manufacturing and delivery. You don't have to worry about managing multiple vendors or coordinating with different departments - we'll do it all for you.


Quality Management

We pride ourselves on offering a fully comprehensive QC System and employing a team of industry experts to ensure that every project is delivered to the highest possible standard.