PET Preform & Plastic Caps Industry

PET preform containers have proved to be an excellent replacement of warehouse cartons and traditional wood containers. PET industry is growing at a rapid rate benefitting from a wide range of PET preform containers.

PET Preform & Plastic Caps

Here at HML Wires you can get different storage containers and cages which are specially manufactured to be utilized by the PET Preform industry.

The different containers that will suit perfect for your PET preform industry are:

  • PET preform wire containers coated with sheets to ensure more security and safety to the materials accommodated inside.
  • Folding Steel wire containers that can be easily collapsed when not in use.
  • Metal Wire storage containers for bulk handling of PET bottles and different materials from the PET preform industry.
  • Wire mesh pallet containers that offer visibility for the goods kept inside making their accessing easy and efficient.

Here at HML Wires you will find all these special containers and cages from PET preform industry. Apart from this, we also provide customizable option for meeting your specific needs and requirements.

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