Stackable Steel Racks

Stacking is one of the oldest methods of arranging goods and materials in the warehouse. For proper stacking one requires the perfect stackable steel rack. So, here you have got this. This rack also offers manurack storage that further makes it an excellent choice for your warehouse.

One of the bigger advantages that come with this rack is the portability thing. It is easy to dismantle this rack when not in use and move from one location to another. Hence, it becomes the perfect fit for different requirements.

So, bring this classic manurack portable rack to your warehouse and take the growth and development to the next level.

  • Model No.: M1
  • Finish: Hot dip zinc /Powder coating
  • Loaded in 1x40'HQ: 250 sets
  • Loading Capacity: 2000 kg
  • Base Dimension: 1395L×1060W×310H mm
  • Post Dimension: 1200L×60W×2.5T mm

Products Specifications

Main Features

  • Ideal solution for palletized cargo
  • Eliminates the need for wooden pallets for loose cargo
  • Customized to suit your products and storage environment
  • Assembled and disassembled within seconds
  • When not in use can be stowed away in less than 10% of space
  • No maintenance required

Same design, defferent sizes

Model No. Exterior Dimension Loading Capacity Finish Quantities Total Container
LxWxH(mm) kg sets
HML-M1-Base 1395x1060x310 1500 Hot dip zinc / Powder coating 250 1x40'HQ
HML-M1-Post 1200x60x2.5 1500 Hot dip zinc 1000 1x40'HQ
HML-M2-Base 1875x1060x310 2000 Hot dip zinc 150 1x40'HQ
HML-M2-Post 1200x60x2.5 2000 Hot dip zinc 600 1x40'HQ
HML-M4-Base 1545x1050x310 1000 Powder coating 247 1x40'HQ
HML-M4-Post 1510x60x2.5 1000 Hot dip zinc 988 1x40'HQ
HML-M5-Base 1200x1000x310 1500 Hot dip zinc 250 1x40'HQ
HML-M5-Post 2000x60x2.5 1500 Hot dip zinc 1000 1x40'HQ
HML-M6-Base 950x950x310 1000 Hot dip zinc / Powder coating 160 1x40'HQ
HML-M6-Post 1200x60x2.5 1000 Hot dip zinc 640 1x40'HQ
Material Mild steel Q235
Application Area Warehouse, logistic, recycling industry, etc.
Remark Costomized or OEM support

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