Steel Pallet Tyre Storage

Pallets make the stacking and arrangement of tires quite easy within a cage. This steel pallet tire storage rack will do the same for you. The pallets will help you in giving an optimum arrangement to the tires in the cage.

Its durability is phenomenal that will allow you to use the same cage for years. With this cage, you can easily arrange up to 80 pieces on the rack.

  • Model No.: HML-WUTR
  • Tire Capacity: 72 to 81 pcs
  • Max. Stacked: 5 open
  • Max. Stacked: 22 closed
  • Loading Capacity: 2400 lb. / 1100 kg
  • Exterior Dimension: 71 1/2"x 49 1/2"x68 1/2"

Products Specifications

Main Features

  • Ideal solution for tires
  • Eliminates the need for wooden pallets for loose cargo
  • Customized to suit your products and storage environment
  • Assembled and disassembled within seconds
  • When not in use can be stowed away in less than 10% of space
  • No maintenance required

Same design, defferent sizes

Model No. Exterior Dimension Tire Capacity Loading Capacity Max. Stacked Max. Stacked
LxWxH(mm) pcs open closed
HML-WUTR 71 1/2"x 49 1/2"x68 1/2" 72 to 81 2400 lb. / 1100 kg 5 22
Material Mild steel Q235
Application Area Warehouse, logistics, tyre, auto industry
Finish Powder coating
Remark Costomized or OEM support

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