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U Channel

U Channel - Wire Decking for Pallet Rack
U Channel - Wire Decking for Pallet Rack
U Channel - Wire Decking for Pallet Rack
  • A. Loading Capacity

    300 kg

  • B. Loading Capacity

    800 kg

  • C. Loading Capacity

    1000 kg

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U Channel - Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

Any mesh deck or mesh container cannot prove to be a good choice without the perfect wire decking. And so, here comes this durable ad reliable wire decking for pallet racks that will prove to be highly beneficial for your warehouse.

Our team of experts has so designed this rack so that it gives a highly efficient arrangement to the goods in the warehouse. Even if you are looking for U channel deck you will get it here with some classic features.

Hence, all that you need for your pallet rack is here in this amazing deck. This makes it worth buying.

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Products Specifications

Main Features

  • Safer: Better fire safety performance, meets stringent insurance requirements
  • More durable: Does not warp, twist or sag, highly durable and maintenance free
  • Hygienic: Does not allow dirt or dust to build up
  • Easy to handle: Quick and easy to install - no fixing or fastening
  • Improve visibility: Increase lighting and access for operators
  • Versatille: Ideal for all storage, including coolrooms and freezers
  • Allows you to store skids, pallets or small parts in any location

Same design, defferent sizes

A. Loading capacity 300kg B. Loading capacity 800kg C. Loading capacity 1000kg
Mesh 50×150 mm Mesh 50×100 mm Mesh 50×100 mm
Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm)
600×880 1000×880 1050×1090 1000×1340
1000×880 1050×880 800×880 1050×1340
1050×880 1100×880 1200×880 800×1340
1100×880 1000×1090 1200×1090 1200×1340

American Sizes

Standard U-channel Pallet Deck
Dim (D×W) (inch) Dim (D×W) (inch)
24"×46" 42"×46" 24"×46"
30"×46" 42"×52" 36"×46"
36"×34" 42"×58" 36"×52"
36"×46" 48"×34" 42"×46"
36"×52" 48"×46" 42"×52"
36"×58" 48"×52" 44"×46"
42"×34" 48"×58" 48"×46"

Tell us what you need and we’ll make our wire decking to suit your specific application based on loading capacities, equipment used, load handling and other criteria.


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