The strength of any material is determined from its core building blocks. When it comes to wire storage containers, then their strength is determined from the wire mesh decking of the storage containers. If these mesh decks get broken or damaged then the whole container may get adversely affected hence it is extremely important to check the best quality mesh deck which are durable enough to load heavy weighted materials without any breakage or damage.

Different Varieties Of Mesh Decks:

Not all types of storage container and storage requirements are same, and hence users require different kinds of mesh decks for different purposes which varies according to the diameter of the wire and the metallic material used.

We at hml wires offer an exclusive range of these mesh decks covering almost every kind and type of mesh deck along with several types of customized products. From the wire deck we produce the diameter of the wires varies from 4.5mm to 5.5mm with the varying aperture of 50*50mm to 25*100mm. The channel quantities also vary from 3pcs to 5pcs and many more varieties.

Our Different Mesh Decks Products:

As per the basic needs and requirements of mesh decks for our customers we produce some of the standard mesh decks which are mostly used and like by all kinds of users. Our standard wire decking includes flared channel wire decking, U channel wire decking, Inverted U channel wire decking and many more.

Apart from this we also manufacture separate and special wire mesh decking for document storage, multiple beams and many other designs like inside waterfall, flat flush and up-turned waterfall.

All these products are differently and specifically designed for better storage management techniques and efficient storage methods with complete safety and protection so that no harm is caused to goods and materials stored.

Hence, with these exclusive varieties and range of wire mesh decking, get the one with suits your storage requirements the most with hml wires and get the amazing long lasting properties of these mesh decks.

Choose from a variety of:

  • Wire diameters 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, etc.
  • Mesh apertures 50*50mm, 50*100mm, 25*100mm, etc.
  • Channel thickness 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, etc.
  • Channel quantities 3pcs, 4pcs, 5pcs, etc.

Standard wire decking

Standard 50*100mm mesh aperture suits most carton and pallet storage applications.

Flared Channel

Flared Channel - Wire Decking

Waterfall design with flared channel for box or structural beams...
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U Channel

U Channel - Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

Waterfall design with standard U-channel to fit common step beams...
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Inverted U Channel

Inverted U Channel - Mesh Decks

Designed to prevent collection of dust and debris inside the channel...
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Wire decking for Box/Document storage

  • Suitable for archive box storage, documents, cartons and small parts
  • 25*100 mm mesh aperture
  • Closer wire space offers a stable platform for small items

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Multiple beam

  • Can be designed for 2 beams and multiple beams
  • Single, continuous or interlocking decks for multiple beam

Other Designs

Inside Waterfall

Inside Waterfall

Inside waterfall leaves beam face unobstructed for labels and barcodes.

Flat Flush

Flat Flush

Designed for hand stacked loads and order picking; fits inside load beams.

Up-Turned Waterfall

Up-Turned Waterfall

Built in backstop to prevent product from being pushed too far.