Wire Stillages

The Wire Stillage is an extremely popular and widely used design. It provides support and protection to the products being stored, while providing visibility and ventilation as well. This design also enables inventory checking without the hassle of unloading the products. It also saves time during handling and eliminates product damage. This model is economical, space-saving and maintenance-free.

  • Model No.: F4
  • Exterior Dimension: 1183L×1145W×1000H mm
  • Wire Guage: ¢10-¢5.0 mm
  • Grid Size: 50×100 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 1000 kg
  • Loaded in 1x40'GP: 160 sets

Main Features

  • Collapsible-save space when not in use,ideal for return journeys
  • Standard half-hinged gate access
  • Long lasting,economical alternative to disposable packing
  • Open wire mesh design allows for full visibility for inventory checks,ventilation and cleaness
Model No. Exterior Dimension Wire Guage Grid Size Loading Capacity Loaded in 1x40'GP
LxWxH(mm) mm mm kg sets
F4 1183x1145x1000 ¢10-¢5.0 50x100 1000 160
Material Mild steel Q235
Application Area Warehouse, logistic, recycling, auto industry, etc.
Finish Zinc/hot dip galvanized/powder coating
Remark Costomized or OEM support

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